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What do you get when you take a piece of a puzzle but realize that this piece creates another puzzle altogether? Joe Human, the individualized whole. For many, in finding ways to describe Joe, the point of departure is almost always him being Congolese.  Such perceptual filters have driven wedges in the African continent and ruptured the trust and development of our people as one.  It takes incredible mental acuity to recall the past yet see beyond it, process new information but apply it as your own.  These are the essentials of a human who seeks to iterate constantly while helping digital communities. 

Often, human life is experienced on a very micro level through interpersonal arrangements which limits our perceptions of the world and its ability to serve us.  

Rather, unfortunately humans tend to mimic the life of a worker bee; working hard for the colony but never living long enough to experience the benefits of its work. 

joe human

In the summer, the worker bee has a life span of about 5 – 6 weeks, life is short!  This makes one wonder if there is enough life in a lifetime to achieve all our dreams and visions without lamenting on the past.  Where do we draw the line between building a unique identity and embracing our heritage? For Joe, having spent his formative years in Kinshasa Congo then briefly staying in Zambia before his family settled in South Africa, Africa is a country.  The intuitive but conservative youth culture in Kinshasa coupled with the family values his Parents instilled in him crafted a unique perception of the world. 

A perception of immense opportunity, of possibility and an attitude of positivity. Through social mobility when he first arrived in Yeoville, Johannesburg Joe experienced a paradigm shift in the more fast-paced society which helped draw parallels and start to identify gaps between both worlds.  He identified gaps in the societal workflow, and thus began his lifelong process of adjusting, learning & implementing his thoughts.

There is often a perception of crazy that is attributable to people who exhibit duality in big picture thinking but are also pragmatic, a superpower that very few people have.  Questions like “What is the narrative, what is the purpose behind this specific thing?” are recurring nodes in Joe’s Motherboard.  The relationship between his understanding of things and deriving intentionally driven actions is based on his inherent curiosity.  Nerding out on tech functionality and analyzing the reasons behind the latest functionality on Instagram is one of the many ways Joe seeks to add value and help people understand otherwise complex topics. An answer to the question meant by Joe’s Surname; Nawaya – “who’s going to help”?  This has become a source of value for Joe’s online communities particularly on twitter where he has commoditized the twitter thread and built one of the most engaging follower bases on twitter through sharing his learnings and insights. The valuable delivery of intellectual property the way he would a client brand strategy creates congruence in philanthropy and entrepreneurship a selfless relationship where one feeds the other. 


Iterating through personal and work experiences creates a natural evolution in which the people involved control the outcomes.  For Joe Human, this type of control or influence on the outcomes over the internet is essential to him capturing opportunities and creating value through online resources.  The single sentence test for his life’s mission is “To build African brands” and his main challenge in doing this effectively is learning how to deal with people.  Joe knew that effectively communicating his ideas and being able to influence perception would be the difference.  Whether it is closing a deal to onboard a client or communicating the design storyboard for an acquired client Joe had to create a system to measure his effectiveness in communicating with people with the yardstick being growth in his social media communities.  Evidence of him iterating through personal & work experiences, constantly growing while seemingly having fun engaging with people.

A honeycomb structure functionally supports the maximization of space through unique design you could stack these structures together and build a colony like a beehive.  For Joe Human, this is both a vision and a structured plan, creating an African agency space filled with top tier creative minds.  This way, creativity becomes the definition of freedom and peace of mind something our forefathers never got to experience.

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