Artified Opticals, everywhere.

Being in a high growth retail business creates a lot of learning opportunities for the VUES team. It’s through the application of our learnings that we’ve gotten to understand exactly what is needed to help our business grow in the right direction and at the desired pace. What’s intensified our learnings over the past year and helped us shape our business strategies is the Voice of the VUES Customer. This voice rings louder in our heads than any industry trend or legislation; whether through social media interactions, phone call or email enquiries we always listen to this voice for learnings. Our No Naked Eyes community has grown 5x bigger over the past year and that’s due to us delivering content that our ideal customers can relate to or aspire to experience.

Our philosophy has always been to provide “Artified Opticals” for the daring individual while maintaining a sense of affordability of our products. Artified Opticals is the intersection of ground-breaking design & selfless technology. This creates the golden thread of our products being appealing, affordable & our systems making everything as easy as eyedrops. We’ve built business processes that allow us to provide exactly what our customers need, most of the time. Although we’ve identified areas of improvement in our systems + processes we’re very happy with how far we’ve grown.

A core element of our strategy in the 2018/2019 financial year has been to GIVE our customers & our current partners as much value as we can through product, resources & insights with the aim to learn as much as possible. Looking at the 2019/2020 financial year, we’ve noticed a need to provide product accessibility to our customers outside of our internal sales channels ( & our @nonakedeyes Instagram Shop). This means we need to increase our distribution channels by partnering with as many independent optometrists & brick & mortar retailers as we can. Of-course there would need to be some form of brand alignment between us and our prospective partners & we’re ready to start engaging different partners to seek this alignment.

For us to achieve our new strategy successfully we’ve had to adjust our pricing model to accommodate a 500% increase in the number of units we produce for each of our designs. This means that through the new pricing we’ll be able to have our products easily accessible in different brick & mortar stores across the country. Not forgetting the importance of compensating our amazing team for all the great work that goes into providing Artified Opticals nationwide through our digital channels. Our new pricing went live as of today 1st Sept, & we cannot thank you enough for helping us get to this important milestone in our journey.

Jaxx Tshabalala

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